Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Courtney Adams Blog #10

My double-sided journal entry
            I know that I have now changed my topic but to begin with my topic was What are the harms of Industrialized farming?  I did my journal entry on this topic before I realized how complex the issue was.  The source title is The Vital Statistics of Meat. I found this information here in bold and in italics is what I felt about it.

Vegetarian/vegan food is usually imported
I did not realize this, makes sense because veggies and fruit can be grown year-round locally

“Environmentalist’s diet is based on the principle that grains and pulses have on aver, a lower environmental impact than meat or dairy products”
I agree, but when put to the test being a vegetarian doesn’t seem to help the environment much

When moving to the country from the city, vegetarian makes less sense
Important point, never thought about this.. a family can sustain themselves

By eating meat people are consuming a disproportionate amount of the worlds nutrients (800 million people don’t have enough to eat)
Harsh to think about for meat eaters but there must be a better way to even out the nutrients in the world

Plant food yields 10 times as much protein per acre as meat
Plants are a better use of space but this number is doubted later in this paper

What humans don’t eat can be fed to livestock
This has never dawned on my but in the UK this has been banned

“Consumers throw away 44% of available food”
could be recycled into the livestock

Worldwide “Animals consumed 74 million tonnes of human edible protein and provided 54 million tonnes”
Waste of nutrients that could have been fed to humans

Many different percentages but livestock emission account for greenhouse gas emission
Harmful to our environment to produce too much meat, some people have to be vegetarian

“Most energy-intensive food include some mainstays of vegetarian eating”
if this is proven to be true vegetarian doesn’t make sense

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