Monday, October 17, 2011


I choose the topic of How fair is the death penalty specifically regarding the recent case with Troy Davis.

Blog #1

This blog created by Tim Chivers was simply stating how people in the nation and how the government should put an end to the death penalty that was placed on Troy Davis of Georgia for shooting a police officer many years ago. Clearly, this blog is a few weeks old because a conviction was made and he was put to death.This Clarita appealed to me simply because I'm strongly against the death penalty and after reading about this case a few months ago I was hoping that the justice system wouldn't convict Troy Davis to death, and when I read that they did I wanted to research more and get more opinions  of others on how corrupt the justice system truly is.


In my second blog finding , I found a blog by Nathan Koppel. This blog was completely opposite of my first blog in which this blogger thought that Troy Davis should get the death penalty or he was just blogging about how the prosecution believed that Troy Davis was  100 % guilty, even with more than half of the jury changing there stories proving that there was question on whether Troy Davis shot the cop or not. This article appeals to me because it once again proves my point on how injustice the court system truly is. It also makes me want to read more and more about this case and why the court system decided to put Troy Davis to death despite the protesting and the jurors stories changing!

Blog #3

In my third article by Louis Butler  she agrees with the court system and she believe that it was right to put Troy Davis to death. She starts her blog off by stating the actual crime and how many jurors testified agaisnt Tryo Davis and how they all began to change their story. She made a main point to say that, "I would be unalterably against the death penalty if I knew that convicted murderers would spend their lives in single cells, fed, bathed and given reading material, but otherwise without hope of human contact or a breath of freedom.  No human contact, no television, no radio, just them and the memories of what they did.  But that won’t happen, sooner or latter someone who loves anarchy would try to get them released". This point just confirms that she believed that Troy Davis was guilty! she also stated how there was a lot of racism within this case. This article appeals to me because is once again makes me want to research this topic more and prove her wrong and prove to her that this was a case of an unfair verdict!

Blog #4

In my final article that I found about the death penalty regarding Troy Davis case was by Cinthia Hsu. She wrote about how this case could possible put an end to death penalty period. This blog was mainly stating how this case is very controversial and how it caught headlines all around the nation. The blog also goes on to state that this case in a ay has divided the nation because we have those who are strongly for the death penalty and then we have those people who are strongly against the death penalty and they believe that the court system is injustice and that something needs to be done because these convictions are not fair and many innocent lives are being taken away. This article appeals to me because I have the same question in my head about would this case make the court system and the government truly sit back and look at how the death penalty is unfair and if it should be put to end .



  2. Further Research- maybe describe exactly why Troy Davis received the death penalty, then describe why there is such controversy over the situation.
    Questionable Claim- since the author is so biased in the link above, the author's position is questionable just because they aren't exploring other sides to the argument.
    Broken Links- there are references to other news sources but no direct links to information.
    Assumptions- I think the ending of this blog should be more closely examined. I think Chivers makes a good point by saying supporters of the death penalty should make sure someone receiving the death penalty is 100% guilty, but I don't think it is credible to say supporters of the death penalty are "fans of killing people in general".
    Bias-yes, the author is clearly against the death penalty and against the outcome of the Troy Davis case.