Friday, October 14, 2011

Cayla Lepior Blog #14

While reading “What We’re Doing When We Blog” pages 293-297 of Everything’s a Text by Dan Melzer, I came across multiple hotspots. The first hotspot was in the beginning where it says, “In general, ‘blog’ used to mean a personal online diary, typically concerned with boyfriend problems or techie news. But after September 11, a slew of new or refocused media junkie/political sites reshaped the entire Internet media landscape” (Melzer 294). I thought this was really interesting because before I knew anything about blogging, I figured it was exactly what it described in the passage above: a place for people to vent about their personal problems or express them. I think it’s definitely interesting to see how times have changed and how all of a sudden more people want to broadcasts their opinions and knowledge.
            The second hotspot I found was on the last page. “What’s important is that we’ve embraced a medium free of the physical limitations of pages, intrusions of editors, and delays of tedious publishing systems. As with free speech itself, what we say isn’t as important as the system that enables us to say it” (Melzer 297). This particular quote really stuck out to me because with blogging, people now have an instantaneous way of expressing themselves. This expression is free of outside editing and other people’s viewpoints. You can write about whatever you want for as long as you want without any limitations and anyone can view it. I think this is important because in today’s society a lot of people believe that the media is censored and this is a way for the raw opinions of many people to be heard. I think blogging is an efficient, fast, and inspiring way for bloggers to write about whatever they want to.


  1. Before this class i never use to blog. I now like blogging because it lets me express my thoughts. You can say whatever you want and no one can judge you its completely free.

  2. blogging is tight and i agree with everything you said

  3. I like the first hotspot you have, I never would have related blogging to 9/11, I found that really interesting.