Sunday, October 16, 2011

Courtney Adams Blog #15

I read a blog named “Funeral protesters may be headed back to high court” by Brent Kendall about the Westboro Baptist Church.  The summary of his argument is that courts are not taking a strong stance against the protesting of funerals.  As I reader I enjoyed his logos to back up his argument.  Brent mentions, “Two nearly identical laws, one in Ohio and another in Manchester, Mo., met opposing fates” (Kendall 1).  He makes claims that make the reader think deeper into their ethical background as to what is right and what is wrong.  This article is different from other blogs I have read because I gives more information and data rather than opinion on the topic.
            Another blog I read unfortunately did not have an author listed but was named Media Boycott of Westboro Baptist Church Spurs Controversy.  This article explains what is happening at the funeral boycotts in such a way that any human with a soul would become upset. Along with the previously mentioned blog this blog argued the side that this boycotting is something that should be brought to court. This did not appeal to me as the previous one did but it does have some ethos in it just because of the basis of the argument.  The article uses examples of, “Anti-gay crusade by picketing soldiers’ funerals with signs reading, “God Hates Fags” and “Pray for More Dead Soldiers” among others” (Media 1).  This is particularly different from other articles because it gives me another reference to further explore this topic.
            My next blog was found on a website named Extremists in America. This argument was also against the idea of the Westboro Baptists Church.  This article appeals to me through ethics such as, “The DVD also attacks President Obama, describing him as the anti-Christ, and is filled with anti-gay and anti-Catholic vitriol” (Westboro 1).  This quote takes a figure as worth as our president and shows how out of touch this Church is with reality.  Another use of ethic appeal is using the quote, “God’s hatred is one of His holy attributes” and that their picketing is a form of preaching to a “doomed”” from the Westboro Baptists Church member (Westboro 1).  This article uses a picture of someone protesting to further their argument which is different than other articles.
            The last blog I read was by Rebekah Kuschmider. The summary of this article is the complete lost of reality these boycotts have so that parents cannot find the words to explain to their children what is happening.  This especially appealed to my pathos because of the innocents of the children.  She explains, “I just wish they would stop because their flavor of hatred is so hard to explain to children” (Kuschmider 1).  The one thing different of this article is that she takes a passive stand in asking them to please stop with her words.


  1. One of my good friends is in the army and the Westboro Baptist church was protesting a funeral in Dayton which is right next to where i live. He went to where they were protesting and tried picking a fight with a couple of the protesters. none of them would though...

  2. I think you picked a really interesting topic, I had never heard of the issue before class but it is very controversial and will create good discussion!

  3. I agree this is a really interesting topic! You seemed to have found some good blogs about it too.


  5. what is their motive? I think that you should establish their motives so i know why they do such terrible things.

    The Washington Times article dose not have a time stamp, however it dose have a date. This article dose reach out to a specific audience ( moms ) since the author is a mother. This article was written on Oct 11 2011 so this is a very current article. I think this article is open prose also which makes it easy for the reader to read...

    thank you