Friday, October 14, 2011


         In Pearson text chapter I found two hotspots. 1 hotspot was the paragraph about COLOR! "Colors make powerful appeals, even affecting moves" (Pearson 79). This quote is so true , I can speak about this from personal experiences. More so with like personal blogs and when using social networks as appose to essays. When I using wanna describe something exciting and hot i tend to use the color red or the color hot pink. Its just a way to catch the readers attention and its a way to tell the reader that your excited about the topic ! Also in grade school it was easy to do the homework readings when the text book put the vocabulary words or the subtitles in a different color, and this made it easier for us as students to find what we were looking for !
     I also found a hotspot about graphics and Images. An important fact that this paragraph stated was, "Popular publications typically use simple numeric visuals (for example, a colorful pie chart or a dramatic graph) combined with decorative use of images, especially photos ( Pearson 80).  This is a great tool to use especially in books using rhetoric or just giving stats because it gives the reader an actual visualization of the numbers instead of just reading about it in the text ! Its a very creative and great way to display important data !

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