Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kathryn McDermott Blog #15

     For my blog essay I am choosing to write about the issues and war in Libya. This is interesting to me because two of my very close friends are middle eastern and one of them is Libyan. I am going to write about 4 blogs that I found that have to do with my topic. 
     The first one is Al Jazeera, which is a live blog that updates about what happens each day and time in different countries around the world, one of them being Libya. It is written by Al Jazeera staff members located in the Middle East that update the blog whenever something major happens. This blog does not use ethos or pathos because it does not include personal opinions or emotion. The blog is a constant update of information, the posts are short and to the point, including pictures, videos, statistics, and anything else that is going on. One example would be "2:00am: A group of Libyan army officers have reportedly issued a statement urging fellow soldiers to “join the people” and help remove Gaddafi from power" ( The blog is all information and therefore is all logos. This blog is different from many others because it is not just one entry or essay, it is an entire blog about Libya and it's current events. 
     The second blog I found is through the New York Times, it is their At War Blog, which covers stories about wars all over the world. However, you can search "tags" in their blogs to find which ones you are looking for. So the blog I will be referencing is their At War Blog for Libya. It uses ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos because it is the blog of a highly ranked news paper written by very credible reporters. It uses pathos because the writers include their opinions in their blog entry. And finally logos because it is all in regards of the war, it is not just opinions, but factual information as well, intended to inform the reader. "I personally believe that the worst impact of dictatorial regimes on their nations only begins after their removal, so I will not be surprised to hear Libyans soon praising the days of Qaddafi and his awful regime" ( That is just one example that includes both personal opinion and factual information. This blog is different than others because not only is it multiple entries but it is all from a news paper blog which ensures credibility and interesting information.
     The third blog I found is through NPR, it's their news blog called The Two-way and this edition is written by Korva Coleman, Mark Memmott, and Eyder Peralta. It is mostly logos since it is a news report written to inform the reader. It is different than the other two that I have found so far because it is just one post, not a series of them. It is more blog-format than the other two, with comments from the readers. 
      The fourth and final blog I chose to use is a Blogger account called Libya S.O.S. and it's author is unknown besides the blog's name. It is a very informative blog dedicated to the war in Libya. It uses ethos, pathos, and logos. The ethos comes from the photos it includes, the blogger posts many pictures and videos that relate to the war. It uses pathos in a very indirect way, the writer never says "I feel..." or shares a personal story, but after looking through many blog posts it is easy to tell their point of view on the war based on the photos they choose to share versus the ones they do not. It uses logos like all of the other blogs, by informing the reader of the current events happening in Libya.

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  1. I chose to analyze your second blog chosen to determine how well it fits the criteria we brought up in class. I think it fits the time-stamp criteria very well, it sounds like a lot of people can be online at the same time updating and stating ethos, pathos, or logos by very credible writers. You did a great job, i believe, defining yourself as a blogger, because you knew how to put in the links and examples to support what you feel about that certain blog. This is definitely a current event and I think that is what makes the blog so interesting is that it is something so current it makes a lot of readers want to join in on the conversations.
    In your further research i would try to find out whether or not readers are able to comment their opinions or facts they found to see if it can be an interactive blog with the other credible writer. But over all I think this sounds like a great blog to incorporate into yours.