Monday, October 17, 2011

AJ Gilpin Blog #15

Blog 1

            The first blog I found regarding the topic of the NBA Lockout is a blog by Sekou Smith called ‘Stale Contracts’ Offer Lockout Insight. The article talks about players who used to be superstars get older and are not as good as they used to be. This makes the team not want to pay as much as the contract said because the player is no longer worth that much money. I do not believe the author uses the rhetorical appeals very often. There may be some logos in the article from the multiple facts in it but that is about it. The article is different from others because Smith talked about a specific issue that could have caused the lockout.

Blog 2

            The author of this blog post is Ben Golliver. This article is about Carmelo Anthony and the things he’s done since the lockout. They talk about boxing tennis and he even jokes about soccer. Again I did not feel a lot of rhetorical appeals in this article. This article is different because it focuses on what the players are doing during the lockout.

Blog 3

            The author of this blog post is Ben Golliver. He posted an interview with Dwayne Wade a player from the Miami Heat. He spoke to David Stern, the NBA Commisioner, during labor talks and Wade raised his voice to someone because he felt he was not respected by Stern.  In this article there was some Pathos as Wade showed a lot of emotion when he felt he was not respected.

Blog 4

            The last blog post comes from Matt Moore and is called EOB Roundtable: Lockout Winners and Losers. The article talks about who the winners and the losers are in the lockout. Some of the names are Lebron James and Dwayne Wade who have been having exhibition games while others have done nothing. This gives the Miami Heat an edge once the season does start because there will be no “rust to get off”. The losers are players who will not be ready to play. Another winner is Kyrie Irving a rookie who is going back to Duke and playing basketball and furthering his education.  There was not very much rhetorical appeals in this. And it is different from other articles because it looks at what is really happening to the players during this lockout.

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  1. Blog #1
    1.) This blog, Stale Contracts Offer Lockout Insight, has a very credible hyperlink to the Washington post which is where the majority of the facts come from. There is a ton of comments on this blog, all in reverse chronological order, that offer a lot of new insight from outside sources as well as man people's emotional thoughts on the issue.
    2.) one possible question i could think of for this blog would be 'What laws/codes is the NBA trying to implement as a way to end or revise contracts on dud players whose pay is far beyond the amount of quality they add to the team?'