Friday, October 14, 2011

Courtney Adams Blog #14

One hot spot I found in the reading was the format of blogging.  Within the format, the idea of a commenting to form conversations or an open-ended topic in general is vital in blogging.  Unlike most essay formats and other pieces of writing, “A blog post is often an opening to a discussion, rather than a full-fledged argument already arrived at” (Melzer 295).   The writer can choose to accommodate this feature or leave his opinion close-ended.  Although not all blogs have an option to comment, the majority does.  This is important because, “We allow our readers to join the conversation” (Melzer 295).  I feel this is especially significant to recognize because this is what makes blogging significantly different than other writings.  Along with that, this gives the reader and writers a chance to discuss the topic and points made.  I also believe that through this way of communicating, topic can be bettered explored and analyzed.  A better, well-rounded conclusion can be formed if this type of blogging and commenting is used.
Other than that I found another hot spot also surrounding the general format of blogs.  An important format feature of blogging is the, “Reverse-chronological order in which posts appear” (Melzer 296).  In general, this helps the reader to more easily read blogs without having to search through the web page.  Readers no longer have to, “Scan the page, looking for what’s new or what’s been changed” (Melzer 296).  This is much different than other news sites that have all of the articles mixed together.  Also this is important because it gives the reader the sense of immediacy.  It is also important to mention that with this format, if a reader reads something that has just been posted, it is looked at that they were both “there” at the same time.  This forms a connecting between the two individuals and usually starts conversations about the blog topic.

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