Tuesday, October 11, 2011


While reading the text, I noticed quite a few things that caught my eye. One thing that I thought was interesting was "You don’t have to surprise everyone in the world, just those who hold a mistaken or marrow view of your topic” (Ramage, Bean and Johnson 184). I thought this was pretty cool to think about because it is true. When you write a paper some people try to make it perfect acting like they are writing to the world and to have so many views in their paper. When actually they just need to address the audience of who they are writing too. And I just thought it was true because you can relate that to many other things in life, it only takes one to like you, or a coach to offer you, or for someone to like your writing, it doesn't take the world.

Another thing that caught my eye was saying that "Evidence is not the same as "proof"" (Ramage, Bean, Johnson 214). Being in the law major I found this quite eye popping because I always feel like having strong evidence is having the proof to make your case. It was weird how he made it work for his examples and how he thought having evidence wasn't always being facts, but when I hear that I think of a court case and I believe that is always facts, especially to put someone away, you’re going to need to facts to make your case which would be the evidence. Just thought it was good to read.

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  1. I agree with your statement about the evidence is not the same as proof, just because there is evidence does not always show guilty or not guilty in the court house, facts are a major part.