Monday, October 24, 2011



Essay 2

Adam Feeley

Professor Lutz

Essay 2


Drug Testing in High Schools


1.      How there is advancement in technology

2.      The breakthrough enhancements with medicine

3.      To just give the reader a background of information about drug testing in high schools

4.      Thesis-

My side

1.      The video from CBS on drug testing in high schools( 

2.      Facts to state the health risks it has on young teens and how they are actually hurting their bodies instead of advancing their bodies.

3.      How it’s cheating the game

4.      It’s not worth it in the end

5.      Changed the game in baseball- the most

6.      Picture of a changed athlete through his times as you can clearly tell they took steroids.

7.      Shouldn’t want our pro’s doing it when young kids look up to them

8.      High schools/ colleges need to start testing for steroids and not just “street drugs”

9.      They know they are doing it, it’s a choice, they know when they sign it’s against any pro league and the NCAA

The other side

1.      3 authors from the debate on steroids, eliminating wouldn’t be successful

2.      Not worth the cost

3.      If it was natural people wouldn’t complain about it

4.      Shows side effects but no exact deaths relating exactly to steroids

5.      Video about showing it’s not as bad as people say it 

1.      Give another crucial point or fact

2.      Restate my thesis

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