Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guinevere's Blog #14

     From Everything's a Text, in describing blogs and their meaning, Meg Hourihan says, "They can be characterized by their conversational tone and unlike a more formal essay or speech, a blog post is often an opening to a discussion, rather than a full-fledged argument already arrived at" (Hourihan 295).    This class has been my first introduction to blogs, and I like the idea of an entire genre devoted to open-ended conversations that are meant to explore the unknown.  I am wondering if this idea is supposed to be followed in our upcoming  blog essay, although it sounds like a more formative argument might be in order for writing about our topic. To me,however, any essay assignment on any topic that is to be completed within a few fly-by weeks is going to be inherently open for more formed thought rather than "full-fledged" in argument.
     In writing about the way of organizing blogs, Hourihan explains, "What we write about does not define us as bloggers;  it's how we write about it (frequently , ad nauseam, peppered with links)" (Huourihan 297). This makes me wonder how easily identifiable a blogger's personality might be by way of analyzing their blogging style. Or can blogs be used as just another form of fiction, allowing the author of the blog to mask their true identity by assuming a style completely irrelevant to their own self?   I think I will prefer those bloggers who have a cause and a message to put out for the benefit of others, going beyond conversation and hopefully not to the point of 'ad naueam'.   If we take the time to spread word to the world, doesn't it really make sense to do it in a selfless style?


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  1. I agree, I like that blogs allow for a discussion to take place.

  2. You raise some excellent points Guinevere...please bring them up in class discussion on Monday.