Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am thinking about doing my blog on the topics of drug testing in high school as affective or not affective it would be, gun control, why are we still over in Afghanistan, and legalize marijuana. On this blog I am going to answer the questions that deal with the War. One blog I found the title is Peace Action West. It is formed for people to become educated on whether to leave the war and why we shouldn’t be over there, and how it impacts more than just lives but even the ones that come back. Written by Rebecca Griffin. It appeals pretty well because it had two video's for you to watch as well as pictures. It was well done. It is different than other essays because you can have videos on paper to show an impact. The next blog I found was War News Updates and this one was constructed really different from other blogs and even essays. It had videos and very emotional pictures to pursue you to see what soldiers are going through and how hard it is over there. There were dates, amount of deaths, how many people died in the different areas and where they were from, a very emotional page for the American troops. There were many different authors; pretty much a new one for each video, piece of information was used to put together one page or one blog. The third blog I found was called Data Blog; it was set up different than the others as well. It starts off with a picture and describing how not only Americans are dying from this war. How British soldiers have died helping out, and it later mentions the innocent people of Afghanistan. Not too many people think of it that way, just the American soldiers. It also has a chart on how many people have died which is alarming because it is hard to believe that the numbers on the page are young brave kids that have risked their life for ours. The fourth blog I found was the Mil Blog, this was set up to honor the military but also for them to use and stay connected with what was going on back home, it was really neat. Set up by Willy Stern. All of these are different than essay's and each show a little more or different ways to get across a point.   


  1. This will b a great topic and fun to learn about as a reader as well!


    In this blog, it talks about a mother from Illinois, who is in the National Guard in Afghanistan. This blog has a link that you can view, and read more about her story. When you look at the comments for this blog, there are 55 comments. By the amount of comments about this blog, you can tell that people genuinely care about our country, and the people in it. This blog has many other blogs in it, and talks about different stories for people that are in the war. This is a very effective use for a blog, and generally the more recent information is on the top of the blog.