Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog #15 Matilda Jarvis

I had a really hard time choosing a topic for this assignment, but I have found one that is being debated (though I don't understand why) and I have a strong opinion about: Whether 'Mormons' are Christians or not.

The blog, Mormons ARE Christians looks at the definition of Christians, as well as several aspects of being a Christian versus the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, such as baptism, the deity of Jesus Christ, and the atonement. The author is a blogger who has several blogs relating to Christian belief. The blog appealed to me because it lays out the evidence in a way that is unbiased, that is not written to criticize or offend anybody. Most articles relating to this issue are very much pro- or anti- mormons as christians.

The second blog, Diapers and Divinity, is written by a Mormon mother. In the article, she actually interviews her son, an eight-year-old who was recently baptized into the church, to talk about the beliefs of the church. I love that he is being interviewed because everyone can choose whether or not to join the church, and as children, they are taught the principles, and are given the opportunity to decide if they want to join or not. It is nice to have someone outside of politics, or any fired-up adult for that matter, and here it true and simple, from a child.

I chose the third blog, written by a Southern Baptist, because he sort of argues against mormons being christian. He looks at, what he thinks to be, disagreeing principles of christians and mormons, and says that mormons are christians, but that they are...different. I wanted a disagreeing article, and chose this one, even though it is very critical, because I was interested in seeing different perspectives to the issue at hand.

The fourth blog had a video from the most recent General Conference broadcast given by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The speaker is one of the twelve apostles, part of the general authority for the church. He gives a talk as to the confirming mormons of being christians. The author is a member. I chose this because I have heard the talk before, and remembered that it spoke of the issue.

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  1. The question you might want to address is What are the differences between Christians and Mormons? This blog (#3) seems to have a very good argument. The comparisons at the bottom appealed to me as a reader because it made the argument that much more interesting. None of the links were broken, and all the blogs seemed to of had reliable information. The only assumption that I read was that just because Mormons are different from Christians, doesnt mean that they aren't Christians. I think this blog author needs a little more research on what makes Mormons different from Christians. The only potential bias I saw was that when I was reading this article, the author seemed a little biased towards Christians, and focused a little more on Mormons.

    This blog fits the criteria of a time stamp. It gives the date and year in which it was written, which makes it seem reliable. There are a ton of comments on this blog in which people were commenting on how helpful the information was.