Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog #14

While reading these few pages in this chapter I came across Our Commonality which basically explains the reason we all blog and the format we use to do so. They say the reason we all blog is many of reasons one being "to link to your friends and rivals and comment on what they are doing" (Ramange, Bean, Johnson295). I find this interesting because I never really realized the purpose of blogging because I was never familiar with it. But now I see the point of it and I will use it to interact and get my work out there.
Another hot spot I found was the paragraph about Links. It says "links are often hailed as the distinguishing characteristics of a weblog" (Ramage, Bean, Johnson 296). I also haven't really realized this either. I haven't familiarized myself with the blogging system well enough to know a lot about the links and reasons of blogging quite yet. I think this upcoming paper will help me better understand the tricks and turns of blogging, and I will be able to teach others about it.
A third hot spot is The Time Stamp, they say it's a very important part during blogging. It lets the reader know when the blog was posted and when the blog was updated. They say that "if the reader and author are on the page at the same time they experience a moment of shared experience" (Ramage, Bean, Johnson 296). This basically means say someone visits your blog at 4:02 p.m. and they see that you just updated your blog at 3:55 p.m., they were there at the same time. This can create a powerful connection between the reader and blogger.
 A fourth and final hot spot I came across was The Permalink. Which is the link to the permanent location of the post in the blog's archive. They say the permalink "plays a critical role in how authors participate in distributed conversations across weblog's" (Ramage, Bean, Johnson 297). Basically saying it allows for precise references that creates a way for the authors to link to a specific piece of information that they're responded to. This is a big deal in my opinion because it allows the writer to get back to the people that comment quicker and makes for a better blog.


  1. There was a lot that I didn't know about blogging either, but this section and hopefully the essay we are about to do will be very helpful.

  2. I noticed a lot of commonalities between this piece and the structure of our class blogs as well.