Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maura Weir Homework #12

     While reading chapter five in the Pearson text I found two hot spots. The first hot spot i found was "Sometimes it is helpful to think of these two kinds of gist statements as "what it does" statements and "what it says" statements"(Ramage, Bean and Johnson 113). I have never been told to do this and i wish someone would have because it sounds very helpful. Sometimes when I write long papers I forget what I am trying to prove. Using this technique would help me keep on track and help me make the point I am trying to make. The next hot spot I found was "A thesis for a strong response essay should map out for readers the points that you want to develope and discuss. These points should be risky and contestable; you thesis should surprise your readers wiht something new or challenging"(Ramage, Bean and Johnson 120). I thought this was a good hot spot because when i read papers with a bad thesis statement  I automatically tune out. On the other hand, when I read good thesis statements it makes me want to keep reading the paper.
     While reading chapter nine in the Pearson text i found two more hot spots. The first hot spot i found was "students typically express strong personal opinons but have trouble justifying their opinions with reasons and evidence and often create short, undeveloped arguments that are circular, lacking in evidence, and insulting to those who disagree" (Ramage, Bean and Johnson 208). I found this hot spot because I typically am one of those people. I have a hard time justifying my reasons. It is hard for me to put my ideas into words. I also have a hard time sticking to my opinion because I hear people out and sometimes they are more persuasive than I am. The next hot spot i found was "factual data can provide persuasive support for your arguments" (Ramage, Bean and Johnson 214). When i am arguing someone i like to hear the facts and not just their opinion. When people use facts it makes their argument more reliable.


  1. I'm in the same boat I will have my idea and I have a hard time expressing it or sticking to it.

  2. I have that problem; I have a strong opinion about something and want to show that in my paper, but then finding research to go with my topic, and to support my ideas is tricky...