Monday, October 28, 2013

"Water: The Fuel of the Future?" By Michael Gunther

"Childhood Obesity: Detection and Prevention" by Travis Johnson

"The Lesser of Two Evils: The Issue of Horse Slaughter" By: Rachel Van Roekel

"Hyperkalaemic Periodic Paralysis-- Impressive it is Not" By Lainey Beeftink

"Feminism Is..." by Alicia O'Donnell

Where does the concussion lawsuit leave the NFL? by Isaac Hunt

"Are Anti-Obesity Movements Too Anti-Obesity?" by Alex Pogue

What Do We Really Think About 9/11? by Jacob Steenhoek

"Paw, Claws and Wagging Tails" by lindsay hostert

Over Prescription of Antidepressants in America by Elissa Englert

"Abortion: The Debate of Life" by Kaitlyn Givens

"What Went Wrong in Response to Hurricane Katrina?" By: Brady Schmidt

"Our Constitution, Our Duty" By: Quenton Schneider

"Pirates vs. Zombies (Immunity Assumed)" By: Mitchell Schmitt

"Gun Control: Where Are We Headed?" by Isabella Schroeder

"Pope Francis: A Humble Being" By Matt Peters

"The Gun Ban and What The Government Can't Do" by Blake Raskovich

""The Missing Women Epidemic" by: Amanda Wilson

"The Great Ethanol Debate" By: Shelby Oldenkamp

"America's Consumer Debt Culture" by Spencer Macklin

"America's Battle with Obesity: Battling with Obesity" by Cheyanne Young

"The Power of The Wind" By: Elena Ewaldz

"Cybercrime: Origin, Personal, and Financial Cybercrimes" by Duncan Kochel

Are Anti-Piracy Methods Really Worth It? by Andrew Berg

"U.S. Health Care vs. Canada's Health Care" By: Olivia Ramsey

"Cyberbullying: Going Behind the Screen" By: Amy Arens

"Understanding the Higgs Boson" by Colton Jones

"Support the Cause: Organ Donation" By: Allison Brandt

"How Green are Electric Cars?" by Matt Peiffer

"HIV: A Problem Under Control?" By: Michele Harris

"Muslim Americans: Post 9/11 Discrimination" By: Nick Babcock

"What in the World is going on at the Vatican? Why Pope Francis is Going to be Great" by Eric Anderson

"New Pope, New Hope" by Max Medberry

"The Effect of Violent Video Games on Adolescents" By: Brandon Arp

"Childhood Obesity: America's Epidemic" by Reagan Huber

"Without a Future: Disability in America" by Greg Harris

"Social Spectacle" by Michael Tuttle

"Gun Control Debate" By Hayes Brown

"Bleeping Government" By John Adekale