Friday, October 14, 2011

Katy Hanratty Blog #14

While reading the assigned pages of the Pearson text, the first hot spot I came across was “Having the freshest information at the top of the page does a few things:  as readers, it gives a sense of immediacy with no effort on our part” (Pearson 296).  Having the newest information at the top of the page gives the page more appeal.  Not many reader’s like to go to their favorite blog and see that nothing new has been updated.  Keeping the newest information at the top keeps the readers coming back to the blog because readers want blog’s that have constant new information to read.  Having the newest information at the top also makes it easier for the reader because they don’t have to read the whole blog to find out what is new and what is old.

The second hot spot I found was “When we talk about blogs, we’re talking about a way of organizing information, independent of its topic.  What we write about does not define us as bloggers; it’s how we write about it” (Pearson 297).  I thought that this was important because I think that you can blog about something that isn’t really of interest to you, but if you write about it with enough emotion, that is what makes you a good blogger.  I think that you can write about something that you completely disagree with, but depending on how you write about, shows how good of a blogger you are.  I also agree with the statement that blogs are a way of organizing information.  Whenever I read a blog the first thing I notice is the organization of it, there is always a title, the author and the date.  This gives the reader insight to what they will be reading about and if they want to continue to read it.

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  1. I think having the new blogs at the top of your page is a good way to attract people. I don't like to scroll down to the end every time i want to read a new blog.