Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog #15 - Cassie Wolff

                My topic that I chose is to write about abortion, pro-life. I think it will be a very interesting topic to research and find information and conversations about. I found four blogs that helped me understand the pro-life side of abortions.
                The first blog I came across was on by Christian Newswire. It was about a woman, Kortney Gordon, who was pro-life and who was a field director for Students for Life of America. The unborn child and Kortney were killed in a car accident, in their loving memory there will be a Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. This blog shows the rhetorical appeals of pathos and logos. The pathos appeal is mentioned by the feeling you get by reading a woman who was killed and an unborn child who did not have a chance at life. The logos part of the blog explains, “Last year, we heard back from 64 girls who canceled their abortions because of the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity and dozens of kids who changed their hearts and are now pro-life, Kemper said” (
This blog is different from what I have read before because it uses a story to help explain the importance of pro-life in many others and that just one saved life is making a difference.
                The second blog I found was very interesting to me because it was a video. The author is by the website AbortionBlackout. This blog explained and informed a lot of information on why people should be pro-life and want people to end abortion by 2020. It used all the rhetorical appeals ethos, pathos, and logos. The logos part of the video was the statistics and percent’s shared to the viewers, “50,000,000+ ABORTIONS BETWEEN 1973-2009 IN THE U.S.” (http://pro.lifewithchrist.or g/permalink/59326.html). I believe the statement mentioned, “40% OF MINORS DONT TELL THEIR PARENTS” ( has a pathos side to it to those parents who don’t know their children have had an abortion and how upset they would be to find this out. The video also possesses an ethos side of the appeals, “REGARDLESS OF RACE, 100% OF ABORTIONS END A LIFE” ( That statement in the video also possesses a logos side as well as the ethos side. This blog is completely different than all the other blogs I have seen before because it expresses a side of pro-life in a more interesting outreaching way that really hooks a viewer.
                The third blog I found on Google was on the website called PRO-LIFE ACTION LEAGUE by John Jansen. To sum this blog up it was focused on the “Face the Truth Tour” where people go and set up abortion pictures at a major intersection so that a great amount of people can view what abortion really is. But to their expense they did warn drivers that graphic images were going to be shown ahead, so they had a choice to turn around and drive a different way if they did not want to see the pictures. Yet, though they warned drivers, some drivers had a major issue with these pictures being seen by their children which did not make sense since they were warned. This blog to me expresses the pathos side of appeal because of the graphic images it portrays to drivers and their passengers. I really liked reading this blog because it shows that people are doing something to try and stop abortions.
                The last blog I came to was on by John Jalsevac. This blog informs people that Jordin Sparks in an activist in pro-life events. I believe it uses pathos in this blog by possibly giving readers the want to be pro-life in abortion because the winner of American Idol is also pro-life. Also by the picture it shows on the blog from, “Jordin’s personal MySpace page (it is no longer there), shows Jordin holding up a popular pro-life sign—a red stop sign with the words ‘Stop Abortion Now’” ( 

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