Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blog #14 Matilda Jarvis

In Everything's a Text, I like how it says that by blogging, and allowing readers to comment that we invite "our readers to join the conversation" (Melzer and Coxwell-Teague 295). I like to think of blogging as a world-wide conversation, since most are open to the public, so sharing opinions is easier. Also, to think of what we blog about as a conversation means that we see different opinions and views to issues, which we may not have thought of ourselves.
Also, I was struck by the sentence, "As with free speech itself, what we say isn't as important as the system that enables us to say it" (Melzer and Coxwell-Teague 297). That's deep. First reading this, I was kind of confused. But thinking about it, I realize it may be true, as well as how we say it; if we say something, whatever it may be, but if it is said in a mean, condescending tone (orally or online) it will not be received well, just like 'free speech.' However, if we share our opinions in a way that is not overbearing, but more conversational through a system that allows many to share their ideas and for the issue to be discussed, that is when some of the best ideas are constructed.

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