Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog #15 Micahel Parente

I decided to choose my topic as global warming, and then I searched in Google “blogs on global warming. I found many blogs and here are some of them. In the first blog there were many authors of my fist blog but Joe Romm edited all of the entries and also wrote a couple of post. There wasn’t a specific argument being made it just seemed to be information on global working. The blog appealed to the reader because there were cool charts like “2000-2010 US Newspaper Coverage of Climate Change or Global Warming”(Romm). Identifying how many articles per year big newspaper companies had about global warming. This blog is different because it had many different authors but they all go through the same editor and that is what it think is unique.
Andrew Burger wrote the second blog. The article was about how people who are anti global warming will do anything to get you on their side. Burger back up his point by bringing up how Arctic sea ice and how it is affecting Australian water supplies because the temperature is rising, “Australia’s Federal Department of Climate Change predicts average temperatures will rise 0.6 and 2.9 degrees Celsius by 2050” (Burger). I think that this blog is cool because there are some interesting graphs that show the Arctic ice decreasing. This blog is different because it is more focused on showing that global warming is real and applying it to today’s society.
Next article I found was about global warming and its link to ocean heat. The only name for the author was, Gavin. The article was about a study that noticed the relationship between heat of the water in the ocean and the depth at which the temperature was warmer/cooler. They concluded that the warmer water was due to a radioactive imbalance. This article didn’t appeal to me that much because it was hard to understand with all the scientific information. With that being said, also I think that is was makes this article different is all the scientific information.
The last article I found was about billion dollar green challenges, this article was written by Mark Orlowski. This article was about the benefits of using solar panels and how they save money and the environment. The article uses ethos a lot,
“Solar panels adorning the tops of Harvard buildings. A bright, towering wind turbine on the St. Olaf campus. Libraries and dormitories chock full of blue recycling options and even composting bins inside the dining halls, at the University of Washington.”(Orlowski).
This shows the ethical approach showing how all these schools are going green. I think this article differs because it really touches home since I am a college student and any way to stave money is a big deal.


  1. Totally agree with the part about saving money, I don't think people realize how much this really will affect us.

  2. To begin with the blog written by Andrew Burger does not have a time stamp, so it does not meet that criteria of a blog. The article allows for commenting but so far no one has commented yet. The article also allows any reader to upload this onto Facebook or other social networking sites to get the information out further. This feature alone allows for interaction between the reader and author and many other.
    One question you might want to ask in the future Michael is Does the average person today agree personally that they have felt signs of global warming? Overall I think this source is credible with the point that are made. Also, both hyperlinks work and bring me to credible blog sources which makes his points even more credible. I did not find any point made in the article that I feel should be considered more closely because of the hyperlinks that support each point. Lastly, the argument might have some bias as the author obviously believes in global warming but because this theory is the scientific consensus I would not say this is a bad thing.