Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog #15 NBA lockout

Blog article #1
        The topic that I chose to write about it the NBA lockout because basketball is one of my favorite sports and I understand what is kind of going on so it will be fun to write about. Onee blog article I found was an MVP point of view and it was a great article written by the USA Today News cast. They are getting Derrick Rose's point of view to argue what is going on with the lockout and what the players are feeling during this.
      To summarize this article it is basically about how it's not the players fault for the lockout it's the owners faults and that they should realize and take into consideration what the players are saying. Rose says "the lockout is frustrating". The owners are already taking the first two weeks of play away and are threatening to take away the league's showcase christmas day games, which is a huge deal to the fans and players. Rose is arguing that the owners should listen to what the players are saying and don't take away the first two games and maybe shorten some pays.
      This articles appeals to me as a reader in an emotional way because I know how it is to get something you love and have passion for get taken away from you. Also because it's from a players point of view and that usually makes a huge impact on the reader. Rose and the author uses a lot of pathos in his argument. Rose says "We had a great year last year and for us not to have a season this year or taking so long to come up with a deal I think that is wrong" ( This goes to show how it is impacting these players and how emotional they get about the subject.
      This article is different from any other essays i've read because it has lots of quotes and personal thoughts through out the article. Also it's open form they go back to some thoughts from the first paragraph to the last paragraph. They have good facts and it's short and gets to the point.

Blog article #2
      This blog article is about which teams will benefit the most, least from the lockout? This gets pretty in depth with lots of critical thinking on this topic. The author of this great article is Los Angelas Times. It's a great article that explains why and which teams will benefit the most and least from this lockout.
      The argument of this article is that some great players like the trio over in Miami, Florida they all can opt out of their contracts as of now. Also Dwight Howard over in Orlando will be eligable to opt out of his position in the summer of 2012. The Heat are the least team to benefit from this because they have so many weapons which means money. Also Orlando is in bad shape because of the Howard situation and also the All Star game is supposed to be held in the Amway center in Orlando, they are doing horrible economically and need the money. They can't really afford to wait another year.
      This article appeals to the reader because there are many facts and it shows you how many teams and cities are suffering from this lockout. As Los Angelas Times says "If the game is canceled, Orlando is all but certain to host the game in 2014 — but that's small consolation because Central Florida's economy is slumping badly right now" ( This shows that they aren't only looking at the effects on the teams but also the effects on the economy.
     This article is different from any other essays i've read  because all it is is facts it doesn't have a lot of explanation and it just gets to the point.

Blog article #3
      The next blog article I found was on CBS Sports. Which is a great site to find sports events and all the exciting and hot topics going on. This article is about LeBron and going to the NFL or not. This is a hot topic because LeBron is the NBA star and brings lots of money to the organization.
      The argument is the quesion is James going to the NFL or no? The reason people are getting this idea is because he tweeted to ESPN's John Clayton and asked when the final date a player can sign into the NFL draft. Also James is known for playing Madden and was an All-State wide reciever in high school. But he quit playing his senior year and focused on basketball. Also he has been interacting with the Seahawks coach. The coach asked if James knew how much a rookie got paid and James responded "more than I am now". That just goes to show he is considering it.
     This article appeals to me as a reader because it's a huge controversy and I would hate to see LeBron leave the NBA. Also this would hurt the NBA even more as it is now. This article uses a lot of logic because it's going by what they've heard and seen. For example CBS says "  He's known to love playing Madden. He frequently comments on the NFL" ( This is all logic they are just putting things together and coming to conclusions.
       This blog was different from any essays i've read because no essay is written like this one and essays have a different flow than this blog did. Also there are pictures in this blog.

Blog article #4
      This blog article is written by The Fiscal Times. It's about how much money is at stake just from this lockout. And how this is going to harm other things besides just this organization. It's really a scary thing for us and the players.
       To summarize this argument at my best would be to say the owners and players need to meet an agreement. Because neither of them want their pay lowered. But what's at stake is $4.3 billion. They are having the players miss the first 8 games as of now which is estimated $200 million worth of revenue. Some people say the players are paid too much, which I agree with. But besides the point this isn't only harming the NBA it's harming the enonomy because there are thousands of jobs being lost and money being gone.
      This article appeals to me as scary and emotional because there is a lot at stake during this. Players being lost and money being lost. Also upset fans and players being fed up with this. The Fiscal Times says "
An entire economy, on and off the floor, depends upon them realizing that as soon as possible" ( This is a lot of emotional activity because it's such a sore subject and when you put all this pressure in the air it's a lot of arguing and getting upset.
     This is different from any other essay because each paragraph is labeled and there isn't really an order on what and when they have to say each thing.


  1. I really like your topic! It looks like you have gotten a great start on your research! Great Job:)

  2. Your first blog fits most of the criteria that we came up with in class. It has a timestamp, allows people to comment, it's very current (posted two days ago), but it doesn't include links to other websites to cite any sources. The links that it does provide do not take you to any websites related to the NBA lockouts, perhaps the blog isn't very credible because of this. After reading some of the comments on the blog about the salary of the players, maybe a good question to research would be whether or not the amount of money that the players are being paid influences how long the lockout goes on for.