Friday, October 14, 2011

Kathryn McDermott Blog #14

While reading I found my first hotspot in the Our Commonality section. "They can be characterized by their conversational tone and unlike a more formal essay or speech, a blog post is often an opening to discussion, rather than a full-fledged argument already arrived at" (Melzer 295). Blogs can majorly vary in content, from writing a controversial statement to writing about activities or emotions. They are usually open-ended and leave room for people to give opinion or share thoughts. That is why there is the comment ability on blogs, so that people can converse over the topic of the blog post. It makes more sense now as to why our homework requires us to comment on each others blogs, to see everyones thoughts and share our opinions. 
     A second hotspot I found has to do with the timestamp of the blog and its importance. "Moments of shared experience can be powerful connectors. They happen in the offline world when two strangers on the subway chuckle at the same funny billboard, and make eye contact as they do so" (Melzer 297). I thought this was a good comparison. The autor goes on to talk about how it is the same online when a person is thinking about buying a certain book and then gets online to find out that you bought the same one. I thought it was an interesting perspective to have on blogs, like you're sharing a moment with someone, but online.

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