Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brian Walborn Blog #14

The first hotspot I came across in the reading was how Meg Hourihan says, "...the weblog, with it's smaller, more concise, unit of measurement; and the post..." (Hourihan 295). The reason I found this statement so interesting is because previous to saying it, Hourihan says that the page used to be the standard unit of measurement when it came to the internet, but blogging has added a new, smaller unit of measurement by utilizing posts. This is so important because it shows that blogging is almost revolutionary in terms of the internet. It states that blogging has added a new dimension in internet by adding a new unit of measurement.
The second hotspot that caught my attention was under the section entitled "The Posts Collection." In this section, Hourihan says that the most recent posts are at the top, somewhat like a headline, so it leaves the reader for less work to do. This is another reason that blogging is such a revolutionary thing to internet. It brings people's personal thoughts on sometimes controversial subjects into view and sparks different viewpoints in particular arguments. Again, another amazing thing that blogging entails.

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