Sunday, October 16, 2011

Katy Hanratty #15

Blog #1

The topic that I want to write about is the Ohio State University Men’s Football Suspensions.  This topic is what I want to write about because I am a huge Buckeye football fan and when I heard about this story of all the player suspensions, it was intriguing to me.  The first article I found was written by about why the players were getting suspended and what they did to get suspended. 
            A summary of this article is about how five big time players for Ohio State’s football team got suspended for selling valuable goods such as rings, jerseys and pants to get tattoos or money.  The argument of the article is how bad should these players be punished for the acts that they committed.  Ohio State has been investigating allegations that several football players traded autographs for tattoos.”  The NCAA wants to suspend the players for the first five regular season games, however, Terrelle Pryor.  The argument was also considering whether to suspend any players for the Sugar Bowl. 
            The article appeals to me as a reader because when I first heard about this, I wanted to know all of the details and this article provides all the details on what happened with the players and why they were getting suspended.  This article relates to ethos.  I believe that it relates to ethos because the site is very reliable with there information.  While we believe sanctions should be rendered, we do believe they are severe," he said Thursday at a news conference. "We do believe we can give mitigating circumstances for the NCAA to consider."  This quote suggests that the author has inside information to the story and has talked to the athletic director for Ohio State. 
            This is different from other essays because it is an article that has efficient information that is reliable.  This article also has a lot of quotes from important people such as people of the NCAA and the athletic director for Ohio State. 

Blog #2

            The author of the article is Pat Brennan of the The Latern.  The summary of this article was about how three more Ohio State football players were suspended for receiving benefits while working over the summer.  “With OSU set to begin its 2011 season in mere hours, the new suspensions come at the tail end of an already tumultuous off-season for the Buckeyes.”  This quote explains what a rough year Ohio State football is having with their football program.  It brings questions into my mind whether Ohio State should have just forgone their 2011 season. 
            The article appeals to me as a reader because I am such a huge Ohio State football fan, so I get really emotional and passionate whenever I read these articles because it makes me wonder why they would do this to the Ohio State community.  We could have been one of the top football teams in the country and because of what some of our players did; we now have to rebuild our program.  I definitely think that this article goes with pathos.  I think that it goes with pathos because it gives off a lot of emotion towards the reader.  “Four OSU football players — DeVier Posey, Mike Adams, Dan Herron and Solomon Thomas — are also suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season after selling Buckeye football memorabilia in exchange for improper benefits in the form of tattoos. Linebacker Jordan Whiting received a one-game ban.”  The emotion I got while reading this article, especially this quote, was anger because it is upsetting to see how Ohio State is playing right now, when they could be doing a lot better.
            This article is different from other essays I have read because it presents a lot of facts, and brings questions into my mind about how differently our season could of gone if those players didn’t do what they did. 

Blog #3

            The author of this article is Tim May of The Columbus Dispatch.  This argument is explaining how three Ohio State football players were expected to play in this upcoming season; however, the NCAA extended their suspension.  These players are being suspended for accepting money without the authorization of Ohio State.  The nature and scope of their violations merit a minimum two-game suspension.”  This makes me wonder why Ohio State didn’t track their players better, especially since then coach Jim Tressel knew what his players were doing and didn’t do anything about it. 
            This article appeals to me as a reader because it presents facts and it gives me details about the players and what they did and why they are being suspended.   “The NCAA ruled that the three players committed two violations: accepting the money and not receiving approval from the Ohio State compliance office to attend the event.”  This quote proves my point that Ohio State should have kept a tighter track on what was going on with these players.  This is different than other essays I have read because the article presents facts and quotes. 

Blog #4

            The author of this blog is John Henderson from the Denver Post.  This article presents the argument that these player suspensions are not just one person’s fault.  "All parties involved are responsible.”  Ohio State and Jim Tressel and the players are all to blame for the sanctions against Ohio State.  This article is different from essays I have read because it gives quotes from certain people that make the information reliable.  


  1. I don't really pay too much attention to football but I did hear a little bit about the suspensions. It was really interesting to hear more about it!

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    2. Question: In this article, the author reports the issue, going into the argument with a bias of the players guilt--that's not bad, even the other players know what they did...just to keep in mind for whatever angle you're writing with for your essay. (I think bias is okay because it shows different opinions, and showing several opinions makes for a stronger argument.)