Monday, October 17, 2011

Emily Nelson blog 15

    For my blog essay I am going to be writing about the topic of abortion, exploring the two sides of pro choice and pro life. I find this topic very interesting because there are so many different ways to look at ‘what is right’ and how people think this type of situation should be handled. I have found four different blogs that will help me further my understanding on the topic of abortion.
    My first blog is called “Pro-Choice Blog Archive” by Kimberly Blessing. Blessing is firmly pro-choice and through out her blog she is very blunt about her reasoning. She bullet points all of her reasons for being pro-choice and then uses other articles to help support her opinions. This article appeals to me because regardless how anyone feels about the situation, you can relate to at least one of her opinions. Blessing uses strong logos because her persuasion is brought about very logically, “I’m pro-choice because there are already too many unwanted and uncared-for children in this world, and I believe to bring another unwanted one in is cruel to that child,” (Blessing). This article is different than others because it is solely one person’s opinion, but uses credible sources to back her up, unlike other blogs that are a mixture of many people combining into one opinion.
    The second blog I chose was “Pro-Life Blog” by Bill Beckman. This blog is a collection of many different court issues on getting rid of abortion. It is a lot of news stories combined into one blog maintained by Beckman. I think overall this blog uses logos as well because logos appeals to reason and thinking logically. These articles aren’t opinion based, they are what is actually happening in our society. This blog is unique because it ties many different news sources into one collective blog all relating pro-life thought processes.
    For my third blog, I chose to look at another pro-life blog by Frank Pavone. Pavone is an American Catholic priest who is a pro-life activist. His blog uses the catholic bible to prove abortion wrong. Depending on ones religious standpoint, this blog could easily be an example of pathos. Religion is typically a strong reason why people are pro-life and if you’re undecided on your opinion, using the bible to appeal to ones emotions could easily sway them pro-life. This is another unique blog mainly because it is 100 percent religion based.
    For my final blog I found another pro-choice article, “Blog for Choice” is written by many contributors and is a community blog for pro-choice America. It someone reminded me of “Pro-Life Blog” that I previously used because the most recent update is a news article on how representatives voted on a recent abortion issue. This article is much like “Pro-Life Blog” in the sense that they both use news articles and court cases as sources to their pro-choice and pro-life arguments. I believe this a good example of logos for the same reasons previously stated. Both of these blogs use good reasoning to support their points and I think it is interesting to read all the different ways our country is handling this very controversial issue.


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  1. I checked out the 4th blog, and felt that the author had a definite bias, but made factual claims. I liked all the broken links he included-I read through those and they supported his claims with factual information.