Monday, October 17, 2011

Emily Nelson blog 14

    Meg Hourihan’s excerpt on blogging in Everything’s a Text by Dan Melzer and Deborah Coxwell-Teague helped me make a lot of connections with our class blogs to the original purpose of blogging in the first place. Hourihan’s piece showed a lot about how blogs have evolved and what they are now, “Blog posts are short, informal, and sometimes controversial, and sometimes deeply personal, no matter what topic they approach,” (Melzer & Coxwell-Teague 295). I found this information eye catching just because I found it so true. My blogs are always pretty informal, they get to the point and I sometimes connect them with my own personal experiences. They aren’t always strictly structured which makes them a great interactive tool between classmates.
    Hourihan made very interesting statements on the evolution and the continuation of the evolution of internet communication and blogging. “What’s important is that we’ve embraced a medium free of the physical limitations of pages, intrusions of editors, and delays of tedious publishing systems,” (Melzer, & Coxwell-Teague 297). It is very clear in this current day in age that everything around us changing at a mile a minute. Everyone is looking for the newest technology that make means of living easier on them. Here we can see how evolution of communication has allowed people to easily share and access their own knowledge and interact with others. Blogging has allowed people to escape the norms of formal publications and lets bloggers express themselves on an array of topics on their own blogs and give feedback on other blogs that appeal to them. There are no longer worries of publication rules when one only wishes to use blogging as their means of communication. Blogging can be used for many different internet interactions and I support Meg Hourihan’s ideas and thoughts on the changing of blogging communication.

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