Friday, October 14, 2011

blog 14 Michael Parente

Blogging is a fun way to link your friends, community, and rivals all together. In the reading the author explains that blog post are “short, informal, and sometimes controversial” (Melzer, Coxwell-Teague 295). This is why I like wring blogs so much, its shot and to the point which eliminates all the B.S. that no one wants to hear and only includes the vital information that is relevant to its audience. “A blog Post is often an opening to a discussion, rather then a full-fledged argument already arrived at” (295). I also think that is cool because instead of arguing over a subject it gives the opportunity for discussion. In reality no one likes to see people bicker over a subject and be stupid.  Also this is cool because it leaves the audience with something that they can directly give feed back to. I like that blogs usually have a comment section because it gives that change for the readers to give feedback to the writer, which is unique.
I also think that blogging is cool because the author can use images and links to help explain what he or she is trying to explain. The author explains, “the traits of weblogs above will likely changer and advancer as our tools improve and our technologies matures”(297).  Technology is always changing; the sky is the limit in regards to technology. Back in the day, we used to write papers and there was no way of sharing them with friends and family and get direct feedback. Then Internet cam along and we got e mail. Not we have blogs where authors can write about what ever they want and get direct feed back. So the question is, why would you not blog?

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