Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Emily Nelson blog 13

    As I was reading English Mercury Reader I read a lot of facts about exploratory essays that I forgot to include in my final essay. The first hot spot I noticed in chapter five was, “Along the way you can make your narrative more colorful and grounded by including your strategies for tracking down sources, your conversations with friends, your late-night trips to a coffee shop, and so forth,” (Ramage, Bean & Johnson 113). I agree with this statement, I wish I would have used more personal experiences and more background information at how I arrived at a point. It would have made the essay overall more interesting.
    The next hot spot I found in chapter five was something I found very helpful wehn researching for my own essay, “By providing overview information about potential sources, they help new researchers determine whether a particular source might be useful for their own purposes,” (Ramage, Bean & Johnson 117). This quote is referring to annotated bibliographies and how they are helpful to new researchers. It’s easy to access informative articles by reading what they are about before reading the whole article.
    When I moved on to reading chapter nine, I found two more hot spots. The first one refers to something I didn’t do too well on in my essay, “Once you have cited an author and it is clear that the same author’s material is being used, you need cite only the page numbers in parentheses in subsequent citations,” (Ramage, Bean & Johnson 223). I don’t think I followed that rule for my whole essay and I definitely need to tighten up my citation rules in the next essay I write.
    My second hot spot for chapter five I found interesting was if you are citing a magazine or newspaper without an author mentioned, Ramage, Bean and Johnson state, “If no author is identified, begin the entry with the title or headline,” (226). I didn’t know you could make a citation without and author accessible, good to know for future references.

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