Monday, October 17, 2011

Maura Weir Homework #15

The topic I chose was America's unemployment rate. The first blog i found is called Obama on unemployment: Congress needs 'to get on board'. This blog had a speech given by President Obama. In his speech he talked about his idea for job creation. President Obama addressed a Labor Day crowd in Detroit. He was talking to congress and said that they should get on board with his plan.

The next blog i found is called America's economy increasingly knowledge-based. This blog was written by Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor. This blog discussed the outlook on jobs. "Higher-skilled jobs that require more education are clearly the future for the United States in the worldwide economy" (Chao). She also talked about how education plays an important role in unemployment.

The next blog i found was called Employers added no jobs in August, signaling economy is still at risk of another recession. This blog talks about Americas economy in August and how it did not improve or decline. "Without more jobs to fuel consumer spending, economists say another recession would be inevitable. Consumer spending accounts for about 70 percent of economic growth."
Like a wobbling bicycle, "you either reaccelerate or you fall over, said James O'Sullivan, chief economist at MF Global. "Something has to give." The blog then goes on to talk about Obama's position on unemployment.

The fourth blog i found was called African-American Middle Class Eroding As Unemployment Rate Soars. This blog was posted by John Roberts. This blog discusses African American unemployment rate. "The unemployment situation across America is bad, no doubt. But for African-Americans in some cities, this is not the great recession. It's the Great Depression". This blog has a video too.

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  1. Your article African-American Middle Class Eroding As Unemployment Rate Soars does not allow for commenting and makes intteractions with other bloggers difficult. The blog gives you the option of emailing the author but there is no way to get in touch with other bloggers. The article is current which is a plus. One question you may want to address is What group of people is unemployment hitting the hardest?