Thursday, October 13, 2011

Michaela Dempsey's Blog #14

While reading the section in Everything’s A Text by Dan Melzer, I came across two pretty intriguing things. The first one I came across was about the different types of bloggers, “Whether you’re a warblogger who works by day as a professional journalist or you’re a teenage high school student worried about your final exams, you do the same thing: you use your blog to link to your friends and rivals and comment on what they’re doing,” (Melzer 295). I found it pretty interesting that bloggers can vary so much. Someone can write a blog that discusses major issues and their views on the issues while at the same time someone else can be blogging about something personal in their life that really has no relevance to the rest of the world. Anyone can blog about anything they want and it’s available for everyone to read. I think that that’s pretty cool.
            I thought that the section on time stamps was relatively true. “Moments of shared experience can be powerful connectors,” (Melzer 297). I experience this myself sometimes while blogging. When I get on The Green Room late at night and am trying to finish up my homework and I notice by the time stamp that someone else has just posted their blog, I feel a sort f connection between that person in that we have both put off out English homework and are frantically trying to finish.

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  1. I feel the same way. My phone notifies me when everyone comments. So when I am doing my own homework late at night, I can hear many of you doing the same.

    Just having fun with the thought, but it is almost like a collective of procrastinators...

    Wait, what time is it now? ;-)