Friday, October 14, 2011

Maura Weir Homework #13

      While reading Pearson's text pages 293-297 I found two hot spots. The first hot spot I found was "Avoid Engfish Writing, or Structure without Surprise" (Ramage Bean Johnson 295). I have never heard of the saying "engfish"and that's what made this stand out to me.  In high school every essay I had to write was the standard five paragraph essay. It was easy to write, but very very boring. When I would have to proof read others I would fall asleep. However this kind of essay structure made it east to prove your thesis statement.   
     The next hot spot I found was "Nutshelling" Your argument as an Aid to Finding a Structure"(Ramage Bean Johnson 297). While I was reading the questions on how to nutshell an argument I thought it would be very helpful with the paper we have coming up. I will definitely  use this aid to help me prepare my argument.

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