Friday, October 14, 2011


While the text What We're Doing When We Blog I found a couple of things that I thought were hotspots such as when it said “What we write about does not define us as bloggers; it’s how we write about it”(297). I believe this is true in any style of writing; your paper defines you as writing by how you wrote it. The way you went about your paper, the arguments, and point of views you took to reach your goal because there are many ways to do a blog or paper. But, it just depends on your style of writing and not to be afraid to take an angle of view no one else would, sometimes it's the right view. Another thing that I was a hotspot when I was reading was when it said "if the reader and author are on the page at the same time they experience a moment of shared experience"(Ramage, Bean, Johnson 296). This reminded me of Twitter, by posting something to a famous person or someone across the world how you think highly of, and they respond back. It is like meeting that person or actually having a conversation with that famous person and you feel really excited. 

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  1. yes i totally agree! because when I'm on twitter I try to tweet the celebrity and I anxiously wait for them to respond! I'm not sure why i get so excited though!