Friday, October 14, 2011


While reading pages 293-297 in Everything's text i came across two hotspots.'if we look beneath the content of weblogs, we can observe the common ground all bloggers share- the format" ( 294). This quote stuck out to me because I feel as if its the root and the base of what all blogs are and what bloggers do. Blogs give people a way to voice their opinion and their thoughts in a creative way and that will appeal to a broad audience because its on the web. There are very few ways to get your thoughts heard by many people if you aren't famous or even if your not a great speaker and maybe shy! Blogging is a way to hide your fears and speak your mind !

While reading these pages I also found the hotspot about, "The Links" and how they "bind us" . I believe its true that the feedback and the commentary that bloggers receive on their post determines the charcteristics of a blog site.blogger! whether the feedback is positive or negative its still very important !

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  1. I like how you noticed blogging is a good way to speak your mind, I think it is very cool for people to be expressive on their blogs too.