Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog #15

Blog #1

I am going to be informing you about the recent football scandals at The Ohio State University. In this first blog, it displays the most recent suspensions by Ohio State football players. Hinton explains that,  "The summer jobs in question appear to be connected to Robert "Bobby" DiGeronimo, the same Cleveland-area businessman and Ohio State booster who told the Dispatch last month that he was responsible for 200 dollar cash payments to three buckeyes— running back Jordan Hall, cornerback Travis Howard and wide receiver Corey Brown, each reportedly paid via Pryor — at a Feb. 19 fundraiser for a charity named after DiGeronimo's grandson. All three were subsequently suspended for the season's first two games"(Hinton). I think that Aristotle's rhetorical schemes are used in this blog, mainly ethos (credibility) because the writer for the blog has done his research, and has gotten the facts and has the credit to write about the topic. This article is a lot like many other essays I have read, but it is very informative and straight forward. 

Blog #2

In this blog Rittenburg writes a little about the suspensions of the Ohio State players, but mostly about coach Jim Tressel. Many who don't know follow NCAA football, or buckeye nation didn't know much about what was happening with Jim Tressel rather than the players. "But Tressel? He won't assign himself to coach the Ohio State scout team. He won't be pushed to the side for the people who will coach on Saturday. Tressel will participate in the game plan. He will participate in the preparation of the Buckeyes. He will do what he is paid very handsomely to do" (Rittenburg). This blog displays ethos, because Rittenburg has a lot of credibility. 

Blog #3

This blog is a google blog that talks about the suspensions that players Boom Herron, and Devier Posey faced. This was writing by the ATS consultants, and I think he uses Aristotle's pathos, or emotions because it isn't really an established blog, it seems it is one that anyone can post on.

Blog #4

This blog isn't really an established blog either, it seems that anyone can post on it. Nonetheless, it is written by a true Ohio State fan, and that definitely displays Aristotle's pathos, and Massey is exclaiming to the world that Ohio State has lost five starters due to suspensions, and explains it in the blog.

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  1. This is about the Ohio State football team scandal. The question that could be asked is will these players be affected in the long run when they get jobs or if they even have a career in the NFL, will their name be tarnished for life. On the first blog that I clicked on, there seemed not to be anything broken links on the page, it seems legit and a pretty good blog. Yes, I feel like their should be more in depth on the situation of them being suspended. Like how much money they got for selling their jersey's, rings, and name. And how they violated rules against the NCAA and how Tressel knew and even violated them as well. With Jim stepping down and leaving, how come the A.D. didn't didn't take a hit like the players and coaches did? It did a good job showing how them not being around has affected their season this year by them being 4-3 which is not good. There is a potential bias argument in this blog because I believe there is always a potential bias argument in anything written, and I feel they don't tell both sides of the story.