Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Courtney Adams Blog #11

I know it's a huge cliche but when I think of good rhetoric I think of Martin Luther King's speech I Have a Dream.  Below is a link to the speech, picture and audio all on one website.


The use of repetition is especially good rhetoric for the message that King was trying to get across.  He repetitive uses  “I have a dream” along with pathos to convince and relate to a large audience of people from all different backgrounds and races.  His persistent use of pathos shows good rhetoric alone.  With his simple diction King is also able to broaden his audience to different levels of education.  It seems that King would only be speaking to blacks in a speech but in actuality, shown in the picture, his speech is attempting to desegregate races.  There is a white man standing behind him which shows the physical togetherness of black and whites at this assembly.

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