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Katy Hanratty Blog #10

My question for the exploratory essay is:  How does marketing in the NBA affect China and younger fans of the NBA?

October 2

Journal Article

Lombardo, John.  “After Two Years, NBA China on Steady Course.”  24 May 2010.  30 September 2011. Weeks-Issue/After-Two-Years-NBA-China-On-Steady-Course.aspx

News article

John Lombardo is a strong writer and includes a lot of facts and figures.  He provides a lot of information about the expansion of NBA China and what it hopes to build within the next couple of years.  "NBA China generates nearly half the revenue for NBA International, which generates $4.3 billion"-----good fact that I will use in my paper.

Talks about all the work the NBA has put in to build NBA China.  ----I can incorporate this because the NBA is making a profit from all the work they put into NBA China.

Focuses on how the NBA has had a huge effect on the media coverage and sponsorships that goes into NBA China.------I dont think that the NBA should be solely responsible for getting all of the media coverage and sponsorships.

NBA's revenue generates to about 150-170 million dollars -----good figure that I will use in my essay of whether the NBA really cares about expanding their business or is it really just about the money.

The NBA wanted to create NBA China to market and expose their brand.  Why would the NBA want to do this-is it directly for the money and the benefits.  Benefits including starting their own NBA league in other countries, building NBA-like arenas in China which would lead to large revenues, ect.

Conclusion:  This article had to do with the NBA and the success they have had in China since creating NBA China in 2008.  It explores the revenue that China and the NBA are receiving from marketing the NBA brand overseas.  The article also talks about how well the NBA is doing, prior to the lockout.  The fact that the NBA is doing so well, and how amazing NBA China has taken off means the NBA wants to explore more ways to market their brand overseas. 

October 2


Means, Jason.  “Going Global:  The NBA Sets its Sights on Africa.”  International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship.  October 2007.  Vol. 9 Issue 1, pg 40-50.  30 September 2011.   <ahref=" 849&site=ehost-live">Going global: the NBA sets its sights on Africa.</a>

“BWB is a global program that brings people together to discuss important social issues such as HIV/AIDS prevention while emphasizing the importance of education and healthy living"-------This quote suggest how important it is for the NBA to market their brand overseas especially marketing how important education is to young children. 

Basketball Without Borders suggest how important education is and also how important the game of basketball is.  With all of the kids involved in basketball without borders there may be a few that can actually play at the collegiate and possibly even the professional level.  However, to make this happen education has to come first. 

"NBA Cares has emerged, with lofty goals of creating of generating $100 million in charitable donations over the next five years.  The focus will be on helping to improve the lives of individual children as well as aiding entire communities."--------This helps my point by showing that the NBA may not be making a profit for this work but they are making a difference. 

"On the day the league announced that it had raised $2.5 million for Hurricane Katrina victims, a Feed the Children campaign began in South Africa.  This shows how the NBA is planting its roots in South Africa and its community for the long term."---------This quote explains how dedicated the NBA is to helping communities in need.  It shows how effective the NBA is to other countries.  By showing how much the NBA cares about helping others, other countries want to join in and start their own charities to help raise money. 

Conclusion:  This article explains a lot about how effective the NBA is with their charity work.  The article also suggests how important it is to balance both education and basketball because it is education that will get you places and basketball will follow.  The article also explains why Basketball Without Borders is typically based in Africa.  It also explains what an impact the professional basketball players have on the kids involved with BWB.

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