Monday, October 3, 2011

Bree Motley Blog #10

Essay Question: Has affirmative action and desegregation destroyed the "black community" ?  

Article #1

Source Citation:

Dana. "On Why Education, Affirmative Action and Desegregation Destroyed the “Black Community” | Minarchy." Minarchy | No, It's NOT When Midgets Take over the Government. 17 Aug. 2010. Web. 02 Oct. 2011. <>.

This article states many of the disadvantages that came along with the concept of desegregation and affirmative action within the "black community" .  According to the article Charles Murray believes that, "The very programs designed to help the Black INDIVIDUAL has destroyed their culture" (On Why Education, Affirmative Action and Desegregation Destroyed the “Black Community”). 

This quote really shocked me because I always believed that the programs created to help minorities were a positive thing, and they gave many advantages to minorities. However this article gave the other end of these programs of the people that are left behind and it gave light to the people who aren't benefiting from these programs. 

Another excerpt from the article that really stuck out to me was, "So first we have all blacks of talent identified, sifted and sent to college–now, where will they live? Did they go back to their former “Communities”? Hell no, they were Movin’ On Up! Housing Desegregation and increased oppourtunities for Blacks caused a mass outmigration from their previously INTELLECTUALLY DIVERSE  neighborhoods in an incredibly short time" (On Why Education, Affirmative Action and Desegregation Destroyed the "Black Community").  This quote made me as a reader open my mind to both sides of these programs that the communities and that the government create for minorities and they really make me question whether the intentions were to truly help minorities or destroy them !

Article #2

Source Citation:
"Consequences of the Civil Rights Movement." AP* Study Notes - Free AP Notes. 2008. Web. 03 Oct. 2011. <>.

This article talks about the Civil Rights Legislation and basically discusses the consequences of the Civil Rights Movement and how some of the programs made their chances of getting a job even more of a strecth !

 "Critics charged that their rights had been violated because affirmative action placed more emphasis on race or gender than on ability or achievement"( Consequences of the Civil Rights Movement). This quote also confirms essay question that indeed many people felt as if this program of affirmative action created by the governeent had no good intentions except to destroy the black community and now focus on the work force.

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