Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Andrew Cierniak Blog #2

At the very beginning of the reading from Everything's a Text, we are asked what was the earliest moment of language we had experienced. A response from one of her students was that remembering your first language experience is like remembering the first time you took your first breath. We have always been talking since we were born, but most can't be remember from so long ago. This point made me try to thing of the earliest experience I've ever had, but i honestly can't think of one. She also talks about how the people around us helped develop our language characteristics. Your parents, family, friends, and where you are from has huge factors of how you speak and articulate.

The section on the public side personal literacies was interesting. It tells how important stories are, as they have passed down for years, even when there was no records of them. When we write a story, we are linked to alot of other groups of people who have shared the same experiences we've had. Cultures are very different, but all can relate in some way in their stories and literature. With out the knowledge of people before us, we get nowhere in civilization.

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