Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blog #5 Taylor Wisnieski

While watching "Doofy Husbands: Target Women" I realized it was very critical of men and their role as husbands. The first "hot spot" I came across was that right off the bat they make men out to be idiots and that, "..you need them around to do three things; barbecue, breed children, and take care of the lawn"(Doofy 2:00). I can't say i agree with this at all, I feel that men are needed for much more than that and the video was very harsh on men. The second "hot spot" i came across was when they started describing men and how good looking and fun they were until they met their wife and got married. If I were to use my parents as an example I'd have to say that they are still fun and like to do things that they did when they were single so I can't say that I'd agree with them when they say men are no longer fun when they get married and have kids.

While watching "Tropes vs. Women", I found the speaker's tone to be quite sarcastic throughout the whole entire video. As she described the Hollywood character type, the "manic pixie dream girl" seemed over exaggerated and she made it out to be that all women characters in movies were like this and that all men characters needed these types of women. I don't agree with this because there are so many different types of women characters in movies and they aren't all this "dumb girl" type that is only there to help the men with their own lives. I completely agree with her though when at the end of the video she said, "we are full and complete human beings with out own troubles, interests, and creative endeavors"(Tropes 5:19). Women are their own people just like men are and we have our own problems to deal with just like they do. I do agree though that women can sometimes help men with their problems a lot easier than any other man could so sometimes we are needed for those things just not all the time. 


  1. I agree--men (and women) don't become and less intelligent or fun after they get married. And, I like how you say women help men with their problems maybe better than another man. :)

  2. I agree with you, the Tropes vs Women video was very dramatic and not every movie is made like that...

  3. I agree women do help men with their problems good thought