Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tannen and August blog

The first article "There Is No Unmarked Woman, by Deborah Tannen talks about how there is no such thing as an unmarked woman. While reading I came across an example that particularry stood out to me was when Tannen exclaimed, "As I assumed myself finding coherence in these styles, I suddenly wondered why I was scrutinizing only the women. I scanned the eight men at the table. And then I knew why I wasn't studying them. The men's styles were unmarked"(Tannen 141). I feel like I can't really relate to this quote because I feel sometimes there are definitely men who have marked styles. The first thing you look at when meeting someone is their face, but then directly after that you examine them. You see the type of style that they have, or that they don't have. So, this quotation I don't really agree with. An example that I agree with is when Tannen says, "Instead of concentrating on the discussion I found myself looking at the three other women at the table, thinking how each had a different style and how each style was coherent"(Tannen 140). I agree that there is definitely no unmarked women in the world, but I also believe everyone is marked. That is just the way society has always been.

The second article "Real Men Don't: Anti-Male Bias in English", by Eugene R. August is about anti-mail biased. In this article I came across an example that really stuck out to me although I cannot relate to it thank god. August exclaims, "The term rape is a favorite with misandrists, who insist that rape is a crime committed only by males in which only females are victims"(August 131). I strongly disagree with this quote because that intact is false, because there have been many cases of rape in which a man was not the rapist, rather the victim. It can be assumed that rape is generally caused by males, and the females being the victim but that is not always true.

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