Monday, September 26, 2011

Andrew Cierniak Blog #7

My first and favorite point i read in the Pearson's Text was having a good beginning point to draw in the reader. One of my first composition teachers stated this, and I always tried to follow it. If you can capture the reader at the start, they will want to read the rest of it, helping make your composition much better. Capturing the reader is one of the most important things you can do, because even if your essay gets better, they might not read to the good part if they're not interested. It's like watching TV, and turning it off if it starts slow or boring.
Going hand in hand with my first point, my second is keeping the reader interested during the whole essay. I'm not a big reader, but when something captures my interest, I want to read it. The reason I'm giving such emphasis to entertaining the reader is that even if you write a well structure, informative essay, if it is boring, no one will read it. I realize there is much more the writing itself, but the captivation of the reader is one of the key elements in writing a good essay.
My third point is to not get off topic, and stick to the topic you are trying to explain. I bet that I'm not the only one who has trouble getting off topic when writing one of those big essays. When you beginning to swerve in and out of the main idea, you start making your point less relevant your trying to make. Writing an outline can help a lot, but most of us just start writing when we have to write an essay. In all, staying on topic and keeping the reader entertained are the key points i took from the Pearson's Text.


  1. I agree with your first paragraph because as a reader if the opening statement is boring then I won't be interested.

  2. i totally agree that the opening statement is very important