Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blogg #7 Michael Parente

There are many important elements in an exploratory essay. The first one that I stumbled upon was about formulation a starting point. The first then that you need to do is find a problem that is in going to be interesting to you and whom ever is going to be reading your essay.  Then you will be able to start writing your first draft of your introduction. “The goal of your introduction is to hook your reader’s interest in your chosen problem”(Mercury 110). This is important because without a good hook it will be impossible to keep the attention of your reader. Make sure your introduction is something that the reader can relate you. Introduce questions that will provoke your reader to think critically.

The second important element that I found was about revising. “When they revise, their major concern is to improve their essay’s interest level by keeping it focused and lively”(115).  Instead of revising just to improve grammar and check for miss spelled words, good writers dig deep into the paper and see what they can add or take out wile still keeping a strong interesting focus. Often they will take things out such as extraneous details to keep the piece moving, and often introductions can be sharpened. Also when you peer review with other classmates, you will get a lot of valuable feedback that will benefit your paper. When you are revising make sure that you stay accurate with your markings and what each marking means and make sure that you are using appropriate citations.

The last important element that I found was “give your draft both open-form and closed form features” (113).  This is important because exploratory papers are narratives, which means that there following an open-form structure. Also paragraphs should have chronological transitions. The writer should start each paragraph with a transition like “I started” or “After that”.


  1. For sure keeping a lively paper is important. I hate when were assigned something to read and its just dull I fall asleep

  2. I agree with you guys, if I'm not interested in a paper i immediately tune out. It is so important to have a good question that pulls the reader in.

  3. I also wrote about the revising of the essay, it was interesting to me that we don't revise on grammar and spelling but rather the context of the essay. It seems a lot different than what we've grown up doing.