Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adam Feeley Blog 5

While watching the video "Doofy Husbands" by Sarah Haskins made me a little upset because I felt like the whole time men were being bashed by this women who thought she knows everything. It was very stereotypical, I thought. I did laugh at the part about when she was upset that her "husband couldn't even cook breakfast" because it reminded me of my dad because all he ever wants to cook when it's his turn is breakfast because that's about all he can cook unless it's on the grill. I also thought the part about “the glade freshener and how men can't work things" is such bull crap because men do so many things around the house and it made it seem like they don't, or she never gives them credit. You can say men only do "manly things" but in a household most of the work that needs to be done are "manly things".

In Tropes vs. Women I would have to agree with her statement about "depressed men because of women and women are seen to help them out of being depressed as in those movies." I agree with this because I feel like most of the times that a man is depressed it is because of a women or a good relationship that turned bad and it had a bigger effect on the man than the women. I feel like from the past and from other relationships I've seen that when a solid relationship is broken up the man takes longer to recover from the sadness maybe because in that time period they depended on the girl always being there and when she's gone it's weird without her being there like she always was. That's why I feel like girl's are always close to their girlfriends because we don't take them away from their friends but I feel like in most cases the girl takes the boy away from his guy friends. Another point, when she's describing the movies as the girl picking up the guy or just the "love story" it never works out the way it does in the movies, no matter how hard you believe it does or want it too, it never will.

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