Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adam Feeley Blog 8

After watching Suheir Hammad's video on her literature, it was very eye popping to me. I felt like I connected with this because it is a very touchy subject to most American's and people not only in America but in the world can relate to this video. I still remember where I was when this tragic event occurred and for her to go in such depth with her details and the words she choose to describe the buildings falling down in the city was a key point that I picked up on. One of her quotes that put a horrible image in my mind was when she said “smoke where once was flesh" (Hammad). This quote was mind blowing because to think of such a thing in downtown New York in America is just crazy, I still can't believe it happened and that it has been ten years now. When she was speaking, it showed the audience and it showed different ages', different types of race, and people from different backgrounds so I believe that it appeals to mostly anyone who watches this or has a heart. The way she told her poem added another angle on how she wanted to get what she wanted to say across and I feel like that had an impact on me, the way she used pauses, looked into the audience and you could feel the pain but also strength in her voice. It was touching. Also, another part that was impacting on me was when she started to talk about the other countries (Hammad 1:31) violence and how they don't get the publicly that America does or support from other countries to help out when a tragedy happens over there. It made me feel bad for the kids over there and I feel the struggle that they are going through. But, it also made me think of how proud I am to say that I am American and how it is an honor to live over here. 


  1. I felt the same way, she really played her audience well with the pauses and connecting with them by looking them in the eye.

  2. This video really resonated with me too. I couldn't stop thinking about the people jumping out of the buildings when she said that quote "smoke where once was flesh". It really disturbed me. Also when she talked about the trucks carrying debris and DNA, that one got me.

  3. Her description of the attacks was so well put, she described what happened in ways that sort of scared me in a way.