Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog #4 Michael Parente

In the reading Real Men Don’t: Anti-Male Bias In English, Eugene R. August describes the gender roles in the United States very accurately specifically anti-male bias. A line that stuck out that is disagree with is, “A woman who kills her male partner can plead the Battered Woman Syndrome, a man who kills (or even defends himself against) a violent female partner cannot plead the Battered Man Syndrome” (August 131). I think it is ridiculous that a woman can kill their male partner and plea this wile men cannot. Something that stuck out to me that I completely agree in was, “A college brochure defines rape as “the universal crime against women.” Such statements ignore entirely millions of boys and men who are raped each year” (131). I agree with this because I feel when statements are maid directly at one gender it is automatically assumed that the other gender is excluded for what ever the statement was about.

In the reading There Is No Unmarked Woman by Deborah Tannen identifies what it is to be marked or unmarked. I agree with the statement “Men can choose styles that are marked, but they don’t have to” (Tanned 142). I agree with his because being a male you don’t have to choose from forty different shades of eye shadows every day and we don’t in most cases have to worry about how we are going to style out hair that day. A lot of males (including myself) wake up every day, takes a shower, and puts clothing on that matches and that’s it. One statement that I don’t buy into is, “The means style was unmarked”(141). Although in this case the men’s style probably was unmarked I don’t believe that it’s not possible for to have a “marked” style.

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