Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emily Nelson blog 5

After viewing the Tropes vs. Women video I was opened up to how some women really are portrayed in movies. Through out the video the phrase “manic pixie dream girl”  was referred to countless times, meaning the girl in movies who saves the man for his benefits only. I found it particularly interesting when clip stated “women are not here for your inspiration, celebration or to coax you out of your troubles,” (Feminist Frequency). I agree with this statement but I don’t think the movies used as examples were necessarily trying to portray that in the film’s message. Yes, in those films the men are the main characters but there are plenty of movies where men play the supporting role to the female main character. 
Another hot spot I found in this video was “manic pixie dream girls supporting character used to further the story line of the male hero, she really has no life of her own, she has no family or interests or much of a job that we ever see,” (Feminist Frequency). I strongly disagree with this statement. Even when women are the support role they are still a huge part to the story line. I view it as without the woman’s strength in the films used as examples, the male would have no chance in succeeding.
As for the Doofy Husbands video, I did think it was funny, but I didn’t agree with it. In the beginning when Sarah Haskins stated “spend five years trying to land this guy, mother f***** can’t even make breakfast,” (Haskins) I instantly disagreed. I have a dad that makes the best breakfast in the whole world, I know dads can make breakfast. I also found it mean when said in the video “you need them around to do three things, barbecue, breed children and take care of the lawn ,” (Haskins). This is just unnecessary. Everyone knows that husbands and fathers are worth way more than that. Yes men are particularly good at those things, but they aren’t worthless as this video makes them out to be.


  1. I agree when you say that women too play the main role in a movie. I have seen many movies where the girl is the main character and the boy is the supporting character. I also agree with your second paragraph when you say that it was mean of her to sya that men cant do anything but take care of the lawn, if my dad saw this he would be offended.

  2. I agree with what you said about the barbeque and breeding children quote. That makes it sound like women only use men for a few things and that otherwise they are completely worthless, which is definitely false.