Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maura Weir Homework #6

While reading Bros before Hos by Kimmel i found "The Real Guys Top Ten List" (Kimmel 4) to be really funny. It was funny because i found it so typical for guys. The first one saying "boys dont cry" is so not true. I live with two guys and i have seen both of them cry countless times. The other one saying "size matters" is veyr true for guys. I feel like guys live by this quote. All of my guy friends try to be the "biggest". My brother who is a sophomore in high school is small for his age and he has been taking protein for a couple years now, just so he can get "big". The other rule i thought was funny was "I dont stop to ask for directions". I laughed at this one because whenever me and my family go on road trips my dad refuses to ask anyone for directions even if it means a fight with my mom.
 The next hot spot i found was in the violence and restoration section. "The guy code and the boy code before it, demands a lot, that boys and young men shut down emotionally, that they suppress compassion, and inflate ambition...If  they embrace the code, they will finally be in charge and feel powerful" (Kimmel 55). This section in the reading was hard for me to read because i thought it was very sad. It talked about how violence was the answer. The boys would resort to fighting because of the dissappointment. I have heard so many stories of young boys resorting to violence when tehy thought they didnt fit in and i think it is sad and should stop.

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  1. It is interesting that to me that you live with two guys and that they are willing to cry in front of you. Do they cry in front of other guys?