Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bro Code Blog #6

While reading Chapter 3 a it is describing how big of a barrier men have to not cross the line from masculinity to femininity. This sentence really stuck out to me "as young men we become relentless cowboys, riding the fences, checking the boundary line between masculinity and femininity, making sure that nothing slips over" (Kimmel 47). This is kind of a dumb statement in my opinion, I don't understand why other guys give their friends a hard time. Us girls don't say anything so why would their friend make fun of them and try to be cool. I chose this because basically how you act when you are starting to become a "man" reflects on how popular you will be just because of how cool you act. It doesn't really make much sense, although it is very true I see it all around. The second hot spot I found was when it said "the guy code and boy code demands a lot--that boys and young men shut down emotionally that they suppress compassion and inflate ambition" (Kimmel 55). In my opinion this whole idea that the guy has to play the hard ass role is dumb. If he wants to show emotion he can. Guys shouldn't have to be serious and ACT something or not let something show just to fit in. This is the problem though, this is how it's been so now the younger guys coming up have to meet these standards and it's becoming a problem. To where sometimes if people make fun of the boy just because he's different it leads to bad things like death and other terrible things.


  1. I agree--these 'rules' are harsh and ruthless, and for boys entering into this phase, they have to suddenly endure all of this pressure.

  2. I agree that the whole concept of men competing to be more masculine and trying to conform is stupid. I don't think its worth it at all to just fit in.