Wednesday, September 21, 2011

AJ Gilpin Blog #5

The first video I watched was the Doofy Husbands one. I find Haskins to be incredibly insensitive and she acts like the title of the other video....Bitch. She tears men apart because of commercials that do not represent men in real life. She says men are only good for three things. And looking back in my life my dad did a hell of a lot more than three things for my family. He worked 60 hours a week outside in the sun and came home and still did things around the house, successfully. Haskins is basing everything she says on commercials that are obviously fiction. She also talks about when single men are in commercials they are cool and can do anything. So if we want to believe that the commercials are true than the women are the one that make us doofy. Men do perfectly fine before they are married. Women just ruin our happiness.
In the BITCH video they talk about how in movies women are there for the soul purpose of helping out a wounded man and getting him back on his feet again so he can go out and save the world. The woman in the video is again basing everything she thinks off of a fictional movie. The only true part about this video is when she talks about how the inspiration for many famous artists is a woman. And this offends her too. I think most women would be flattered to be an inspiration for a famous work of art. But for some I guess that is just not good enough.

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