Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Emily Nelson Blog 8

    Suheir Hammad’s performance of “First Writing Since” hit home with many different Americans. She spoke about a very important day in American history in a very serious tone with a very heart felt intent. Hammad’s use of logos, ethos and pathos was very apparent throughout the entire speech. She used logos when saying “these are my friends and fam, me in those buildings and we’re not bad people, do not support America’s bullying,” (Hammad). Here she relates to the American’s who aren’t apart of how other countries view us as bullies. She reasons with the majority of America who are the little men in this country who have no effect on what goes on with war and our countries technicalities. She uses ethos when she states “one more person assume no arabs or muslims were killed, assume they know me or that I represent a people or that a people represent an evil,” (Hammad). This definitely appeals to the speaker in this case. Hammad belongs to a race that was harshly judged after the attacks of 9/11 and people looked at that foreign descent much differently after that day. When she said this she was speaking of how people assumed she had some form or relation to the attacks after they happened, just because she resembled some of the attackers culture. Hammad relates to her audience when she says “and when we talk about holy books, hooded men and death, why never mention the KKK,” (Hammad). This is an example of how she uses pathos, after Hammad makes this point you hear a strong crowd reaction. The audience from time to time would clap after strong points were made and thats how you can tell she made her argument to her audience.
    Hammad used a form of poetry to make her argument about this sad day in American history. She spoke with rhythm and emotion that kept her audience engaged and attentive. Her passion was felt through her speech, making the argument toward how different races got terrible judgement after the events of 9/11. I feel that she was persuasive in proving her points and I think a lot of that has to do with the reality and truths found in all of her arguments that she made.

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